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Task Force Meetings & Recordings

On January 26, 2021, a meeting was held with the Task Force to Kick-Off the project, review current activities, and prepare attendees to serve as Task Force Members.

Task Force Kick-Off Meeting Notes 
Task Force Kick-Off Meeting Recording

On  May 27, 2021, the Task Force met to review completed project activities, discuss feedback and information learned from Stakeholder Work Sessions and Transportation Disadvantaged engagement, and to narrow in the Shocks and Stressors to be focused on during the plan.

Task Force Meeting #2 Meeting Notes
Task Force Meeting #2 Meeting Recording

On October 19, 2021 the Task Force met to hear the results of the Focus Group Meetings, review scenarios, and the criticality and vulnerability development process.

Task Force Meeting #3 Meeting Notes

On April 26, 2022 the Task Force met to review the Network Analysis and discuss the next steps of the project.

Task Force Meeting #4 Meeting Notes

Stakeholder Work Sessions

Stakeholders are engaged to provide topic specific input, discussion, data, and information throughout the development process.  Please see below for Stakeholder Work Session Summaries from currently completed work sessions:

Environmental Stakeholder Work Session (March 1, 2021)
Economic Stakeholder Work Session (March 26, 2021)

Transportation Disadvantaged

Engaging transportation disadvantaged (TD) communities, citizens, and services is vital in building a resilient transportation system.  The purpose of engaging this group will be to educate, provide and opportunity to exchange information, and insure that socioeconomic elements, data, and analysis are included appropriately.  Please see below on Transportation Disadvantaged engagement activities:

County Wide TD Community Conversation (May 12, 2021)


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