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What is Transportation Resiliency?

Transportation resiliency is vital to our complex network of infrastructure, communications, economy, tourist industry, unique environment, and more. The Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization is currently developing a plan to define potential transportation-specific shocks and stressors, identify vulnerable corridors, and recommend strategies to improve the adaptability/recovery of the system.

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Resiliency Shocks & Stressors

Below are a few shocks and stressors that impact our communities and transportation system.

Shock: an acute event that immediately threatens a community, such as a car crash or hurricane
Stressor: Continuous or re-occurring issues that impacts a community on a longer-term basis, such as aging infrastructure or sea-level rise

Sea Level Rise (SLR)

SLR is the global rise in ocean levels.  In 2018, the SCTPO completed a SLR Vulnerability Assessment in order to understand the potential impacts and vulnerabilities to SLR.

SCTPO SLR Vulnerability Assessment

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters experienced by Florida include: hurricanes, wildfires, drought & more.  It is important to have adequate evacuation routes when disasters hit.

More About Evacuations

Aging Infrastructure

Due to funding, staffing, maintenance shortfalls, and other shocks, infrastructure can become ill maintained and effect the resiliency of transportation.

SCTPO Performance Management

Storm Surge & Flooding

Brevard County is surrounded by water.  Whether it is impacts from a hurricane or a rain event.  Flooding seriously impacts our transportation system.

FEMA Flood Hazard Map


Lack of funding can be a serious shortfall.  It can impact the ability to build redundant systems or to maintain or upgrade currents systems.   

SCTPO Transportation Improvement Program

Cyber Security of the System

As transportation technologies (ITS) become more common, so does the need for cyber security to protect the system.

SCTPO Intelligent Transportation Systems


A resilient transportation system is a safe one.  Accidents impact lives, traffic reliability, property damage, and community health.

SCTPO Vision Zero Program

Special Events

Large events such as space launches, festivals, and more can impact transportation through congestion, road closures, accidents, and more.

KSC Rocket Launch Schedule

Heat & Drought

High temperatures can impact pavement performance and airport runways.  Drought conditions can result in sink holes or lower water levels. 

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